Sundays at Tabernacle Church

Visiting a church for the first time can be a little daunting. Where do I go? Where do my kids go? Is it safe? What will the music be like? What is the teaching like? What will people be wearing? Will it be weird? Am I wasting my time only to find out that this is just not the right fit for me? These are all valid questions to ask when looking for a new church. Here is a brief run-down of what to expect when you attend a Tabernacle Church Sunday service.




Parking is plentiful. You should have no problem finding a spot nearby. All entrances are located on Agape Way where you will be greeted by one of our friendly parking team members.

Ignite Kids

If you are dropping your children off before the service, give yourself a few extra minutes to get them checked in properly using our computerized check-in system. We take your kids’ safety very seriously by doing full background checks on every single person serving with Ignite. Classes are fun and biblical truth is emphasized.


After dropping off your children, make your way to the Main Sanctuary. There are greeters and ushers who can answer many questions and who can help you find a seat. You will notice a pretty easy-going environment where people are dressed casually. We are also very multi-cultural so you may also see some traditional African and Islander dress as well. Tabernacle Church is a large facility with plenty of room for you!


You will experience quite a variety of music at Tabernacle Church. We embrace all styles of worship music and strive to create an atmosphere where all generations and cultures can find a connection point. The worship at The Tab is both diverse and with Christ-centered depth.


At some point in our service, those who consider Tabernacle Church home will be given the opportunity to worship with their finances by giving back a portion to God via the offering. We want you as a guest to just take in and receive, so please feel no pressure to give. However, please be sure to fill out a Connection Card and place in the offering so we can connect with you after your visit.


Our teaching time is focused on taking the deep truths of the Bible and explaining them in a manner that makes sense today. Sermons tend to last roughly 35 minutes. Check out some of our podcasts.


Don’t feel like you need to run out right away! Stop by Connection Cafe and meet our pastor and pick up a free gift we have waiting for you. Connection Cafe is located out the back doors of the sanctuary and down the hall to your right. We look forward to meeting you!